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karim @ poppy red

I have a weak spot for delicate and pretty flowers.  Months ago as I walked down Park St., I discovered a flower stand that looked like something from a Parisian street.  Violet and ruby colored flowers were tucked in vintage bottles with handwritten price tags. That was the first time I met Karim who was reading a book and trying to keep warm while selling her items outside
Lauren’s Closet, a neighborhood clothing store. Back then, Karim had no more than a dozen arrangements that sold for less than ten dollars.  It's obvious that Karim is not a florist, but an artist.

Over the months, I couldn’t help but gift friends and family with Karim's creations. Each person is always delighted to receive a bundle of flowers that were arranged with lots of love and care. With the holidays coming up, I wouldn’t look anywhere else for your floral needs. Even sweeter, you can choose a poem and card with any purchase at Poppy Red.
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PibbleMum said...

Karim is AMAZING and her arrangements are stunning. More beautiful than any florist I've ever found in the city. I too discovered her here on Park Street. Her flowers are affordable enough for me to buy them regularly for my house and I gift randomly to friends all of the time. For her own sake I think she could raise the prices and still have them be reasonable. I so want to see her succeed!! Like you said, she is not just a florist, she is most definitely an artist!!

Go buy flowers from her everyone!! :)

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Poppy Red and I did not know Karim before I met her at her stand.