Accidental Keepsake

It started with a delicate  leaf that I found while at Soapstone in Oregon. I placed it in a paper towel and stuck in the book I was reading at the time—Precious. The day before our departure, we had to take all of our trash and recycling to CARTM , a community recycling and reuse center. At the CARTM reuse shop, a photo album caught my eye. The pages are aged at least two decades and the binding is fragile but well worth a $1.50. It’s hard to believe now that I almost hesitated to buy this piece. My good friend validated the book’s beauty and encouraged me to make the purchase.

the cover caught my eye
Months later, the pressed leaf fell out of the book. I was trying to figure out whether to frame it or make a bookmark. Then I looked at my bookshelf and saw the vintage album tucked away. I placed the leaf on the first page and it fit perfectly. In a moment, this little album became so important to me. As weeks go on, I’ve placed found objects in each page.

my beloved fern from soapstone

Here’s what I have so far:

objects Kai found  
a free poem & train ticket

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