New Chapter: Part Time Housewife and Writing Again

I've been tied up transitioning into my new life for the past couple of weeks.  With the support of my husband and money saved,  I'm taking a three month break from work.  Well I did officially leave my job with hopes to pursue something more challenging and fulfilling in the times ahead.  Timing was good to continue work on a book and also to help Kai transition to preschool.  He's two and a half and so curious about the world.  I didn't want to spend another 8 hour day at my desk wishing I was spending more time with him.  He starts preschool next week and I'm looking forward to picking him and hearing about what's he learned.

On the creative side, I can pick up a project that has been near and dear to my heart for a few years.  Today is the first official day of my time off and I wanted to share it with the world. To help me get back into the writing groove, I picked up Writing Alone and With Others by Pat Schneider.  It was an accidental find at the library but it has been exactly what I needed to pick up my pen again. For days I was struck by fear that I made a mistake until I read this passage:

Writing is talking.  It is hunkering down around the cave fire at night and telling about the day.  And however it is disguised, fear is close to the center of the stories we will want to tell...At times, fear keeps us from writing at all, or keeps us from writing as truly, clearly, and brilliantly as we might.  Fear has good reason; understanding it can make all the difference.     - Pat Schneider

I'll get back to the work world soon enough and will work until my mid sixties.  I'm allowing myself this gift of time to enjoy two of my favorite things: family and writing.

my inspiration

Here I go plunging back into my writing...wish me luck.  Happy new year!

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Ly and Dzung said...

Good luck. I'm truly inspired by your commitment to creativity and your voice.