Get Your Ice On

For parents with children or not, I recommend having a night out at the Little Ice Rink in Alameda. Recently, our family had an outing on a Friday afternoon with Kai, his cousins and grandparents. Oh how I wish I could have joined them on the ice! It is a happy place with children testing out their skills and bright orange plastic seals that act as skating aides for first timers. My little one was adamant about not sitting on the seal at first and he wanted to be a big boy and stand. Well there was fall within a few minutes and lots of tears. But he tried again and had a ball for the hour and half session. My in-laws and I sat on the bleachers sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies from the food stand. It’s amazing how children will skate with clumsy feet, fall and then get right back up with big smiles on their faces. Even if you don’t love going on the ice, it’s a pleasant way to people watch and spend a winter night. Friday nights offer a disco night for those parents who want a date night! Hours and location here.

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