Ummm...How's The Baby: Think your Non-Parent Friends Don't Have a Clue?

Becoming a parent seems to push you into a whole new social network. There's definitely a smile or nod of approval when two stroller moms cross paths. Strange that sometimes your friends without kids may not know how to connect or vice versa.

Here's how both sides can still connect with one another:

Friends Without Kids:

-Call,Text, or email your friend that just had a baby. It means a lot to reach out.

- Offer to bring a meal especially during the first few weeks.

- Respond to their email blast that has photos of the new baby.

- Make an attempt to hold or play with their baby during the first few months.

- Invite them to a party. Even if the new parents can't come at least they feel like they're in the loop.

- Act natural when the baby mama is nursing in front of you.

Friends With Kids:

- Call, Text, or email your friend. Try to call when your baby isn't crying. When babies cry during a conversation, it not only hurts your friend's ear but can make them feel you're too busy to chat.

- Ask for help if needed. Just because your friend doesn't have a baby, doesn't mean he/she won't be there in case of emergency.

- Be interested in their life. Parents always talk about their babies and can sometimes can make non-parents feel like their life isn't as meaningful because they don't have kids. Ask your friend about dating, their projects, and remind them being a parent isn't all fun and games.

- Say yes to dinner or party invitations. Your partner will be glad that you got out for a few hours. Your friends will realize you still care about them even with a little one in your life.

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