Lucky For Us

Sometimes I think we forget how lucky parents today really are with all the new gadgets, parenting methodologies, and the internet.

One thing I've noticed when around older folks or people who raised kids in another country, they always seems to say "Wow, we didn't have that. You're lucky that it exists now because I remember how hard it was..."

Case and point, we have dozens of stroller options. Even ten years ago, there was only one type of stroller that seemed to give parents a backache. Now we have countless number of styles from the bougie Bugaboo to the low key Maclaren or choosing from a walking to a jogging stroller. Last night, we discovered of yet another stroller that we must have...the sit n' stroll which is a car seat, plane seat, and stroller all in one for travel.

We're also lucky that the Happiest Baby on the Block came to town too. My stepfather flipped through the book and thought the swaddle theory was ingenious. He wished that the brilliant book was around when he was raising a colicky infant in the seventies. It's every parent's survival guide right?

The other factor that makes us a generation of somewhat spoiled parents...the internet! What would stay at home parents do if it weren't for the blogging world? Perhaps go crazy at home without an outlet to share our woes? On-line shopping has been a life saver for me. Since Kai was born, I've bought virtually everything through the internet. In fact it seems that there's a delivery 2-3 times a week at our house.

But really I give props to the previous generations and to those parents living in other countries without such luxuries. The next time you're feeling like life is tough with a baby. Imagine having the same life without the ergo baby carrier, bottle warmer, vibrating saucer, self-help books, and support groups. Believe it or not, you're actually really lucky.

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