The Great Pumpkin Patch

Maybe my black cat and love for the color orange is a dead give away but Halloween is my favorite holiday. Before Kai was born, I even made him an orange hat with cat ears which he started to wear last week.

Naturally the spirit of Halloween has rubbed off on J too. Last weekend he surprised us and drove the family down the coast to Bob's Pumpkin Patch. Though you could buy a pumpkin in the parking lot outside of Longs or Safeway, nothing beats going to the real thing. Even at four months, Kai enjoyed all the elements of the patch. With the sun shining, ocean view, and a patch of giant pumpkins, we were all happy campers. Whether you drive down the coast via Highway 1 or take the inland road of 92, there are many farms along the way fully equipped with corn mazes and scarecrows. Plus you can handpick pumpkins right off the vines and throw in a wheel barrow for cheap.

This weekend kicks off the Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay.

Pumpkin Patch Guide

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