Non-Dairy Blues

After a ban of sushi, alcohol, and soft cheeses during pregnancy, I was looking forward to food freedom. Unfortunately, I soon realized that baby Kai is sensitive towards cow's milk. Oh boy, I have to give up dairy during nursing now? I'm a dairy queen with a big love for pizza and ice cream. Any little bit though makes the baby gassy and he gives me this look like "you ate dairy again?" and I feel guilty.

If you're nursing and notice the baby is farting like an adult or producing quarantine diapers...you might want to lay off the dairy too. But here are a few things that have helped me cope with the never ending food restrictions:

- Trader Joe's Yogurt Cheese-- this type of cheese is very hard to find anywhere else. Soy cheese is very easy to find but I'm not too keen on the taste. Yogurt cheese is the best so far. Plus you can make a pretty good pizza with it.

- Purely Decadent Soy Ice Cream--easy to find at Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl. My pick of flavors: Coconut Craze or Peanut Butter Zig Zag.

- Vegan Chocolate Cake for $2.75 per slice at Golden Lotus Restaurant in Oakland.

I guarantee these substitute treats will pull you through.

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