WNW #1: Bring in Cans for College

WNW-- Why Not? Wisdom from parents...

You know how every summer parents can bring in a COKE can and save 10 bucks off admission at the amusement park? Well, there's another way to use that can. The other day, a parent shared with me how their family brings in cans and bottles to a drop off center to redeem cash and add to their college fund. Brilliant right? She says there are times that their recyclables are worth near $100. Not only is this action good for the earth and financially smart--children take an active part in recycling.

For instance if you collect 50 aluminum cans, you redeem $2.65
50 PET Plastic, you redeem $3.25

It doesn't seem like much but think over time and the priceless life lesson your child encounters.

Note to self, I'm going to take recycling one step further and make it work financially for our family.

Local Recycling Drop-Offs in the East Bay:

TOMRA Pacific Inc/Trader Joes
2217 S Shore Center
Alameda CA 94501

Standard Iron & Metals
4525 San Leandro St
Oakland CA 94601
(510) 535-1697

NexCycle/Safeway #908
3550 Fruitvale Ave
Oakland CA 94602
(909) 796-2210

Get a recycling starter kit at bottlesandcans.com

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