Leaky-Leaky: Nursing Mamas Dilemna

Nursing is optimal for your growing baby right? But sometimes the process can be messy and draining on moms. As a swimmer and spa/hot springs/steam room addict, I wasn't sure how to indulge in these activities with leaky boobs. As you may know, warm water can induce such leakage. How would I avoid an embarrassing situation at the local Y or Kabuki Hot Springs?

If you enjoy water relaxation like me, I discovered and tested a solution...lily padz. They're clear waterproof pads that press against the nipple. For $20 bucks a pair that last a couple of months, it's well worth it. It's best to express or nurse right before wearing them. I've done the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and aqua walking without any problem. Plus I've lounged in the steam room and sauna for varying times, and they stay on.

So if you're planning a trip to hot springs or a local pool, these are a must have for nursing moms. You can buy them at Baby World in Oakland.

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