Parent Pet Peeve (PPP) or Triple P

Every so often, I'm going to post a pet peeve that has become much bigger since I became a parent.

This PPP ticked me off last night:

I was never big on car alarms. Maybe they were hot s*** back in the 80's but car alarms seem to be more annoying than helpful. Most of the time when they go off, it's a false alarm right?

If you live in the suburbs where everyone parks in a garage, it's not much of an issue. As urban parents, you're bound to live on a street with lots of parked cars. Some may bump their music or some will give off this annoying alarm. I swear car owners never turn up to off these false alarms either. Since I became a parent who only wishes for my baby to sleep long hours, I would vote for a ban for sure.

It seems that quite a few New Yorkers would agree with me as there have been attempts to ban alarms.

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