Shout-Out and Props to Dads

Trust me, I know the difference between good dads and runaway, not always there dads. My own dad has been in and out of my life since I was seventeen. So, I'm always on the lookout and like to give props to those dads who are solid.

One can say that this world of babies can be a bit mama-centric. For good reasons of course. But J has felt ignored in this world at times even though he has been there all the way since day one.

Example 1: Several dads have felt a bit alienated in the postpartum stay at the hospital. I think it's a little sad dads have to sleep in a cot and aren't offered meals even though they've been up all night and been support during labor. Also many nurses are notorious for ignoring dad's questions or needs. Eye contact is directed to moms only. I understand that there are time constraints, but dads deserve a little love too.

Example 2: Not sure how I started getting all this junk mail from Similac, but every month they send coupons and postcards loaded with affirmations. Everything is labeled with MOM...no mention of dad on anything. A bit insensitive right? Half the time dads are feeding babies formula or going to the store to pick it up.

Example 3: Baby books should have covers that are a little less pink or ultra feminine. C'mon, most dads read those books as much as the mom. I think someone should come up with a design that will be less attention grabbing while reading on BART or in a cafe for the guys.

Anyways if you have something to share about a great dad you know, please do!
In the meantime, click here for a directory of daddy blogs.

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