Rock the Vote Mamas

Election Day is just 11 days away. It's definitely a big one. I'm proud to say that my own mom registered to vote for the first time last week. Why? I think that the buzz around the election has even touched her. Someone who is normally so busy working just to make ends meet and someone who has limited English skills. When I called mom and asked who she was planning to vote for, she said in a shy tone " that guy, Obama." It was so sweet. It's exciting that this election could even stir up interest in mom.

There is so much at stake in this election including preserving the right for gay marriage and abortion rights and safety for young women. If you feel that you may be distracted at the voting booth with child in hand or have an inkling that you won't make it because you have to take care of baby. Get help. If your partner or friends can't watch the kids while you help make a difference in this election, there are other resources available. Sittercity and TodaysMama are offering free or half- off their babysitting rates during election time. It's simple, you type in your zip code on their homepage, sign up, and enter in code MAMAVOTE08.

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Sharline said...

I voted a few weeks ago, absentee from Canada! Yay! Also for "that guy, Obama." Your story about your mom is so sweet! hugs, Shar