Oh Boy!

It dawned on me that I don't know much at all about raising a boy. I'm at a bit of a disadvantage because I grew up as an only child and I spent most of my twenties working with girls. Truthfully, I haven't really been around baby boys.

Sometimes I watch Kai and notice how he plays rough with toys and our cat. He'll even bop me in the face by accident and tug at my hair like there's no tomorrow. Sure some of it is common to all babies but there is something to be said about the testosterone lurking in the cells of baby boys.

J, who grew up with three brothers reminds me that "Kai's a boy, he's going to be rough." Oh yeah, it's natural I guess. Still I think I need to do some reading on how to raise the other gender. How do I let him be a boy who likes to rumble and tumble but also raise him to be emotionally free? I wonder if he'll become more restless and competitive due to his gender? Or does it depend on how we raise him? Well, I'll be on the lookout for some answers. Any insight is welcomed. It's a blessing though that he's in daycare three times a week with several sweet girls.


j said...

kai will learn to be emotionally intelligent through us. i mean, he might chase the cat around the house and knock stuff over but in the end, he will give you a hug and help clean up. ...at least he better!

Anonymous said...

The best thing we can do for our little ones is to have a healthy loving relationship with our partners. Good advice Mama Lounge!