Baby Upgrade: Cool Convertible Car Seat

Yes, my baby is growing out of his first car seat. We’re moving on to a convertible. I was so relieved to find the Maxi-Cosi Priori. The Britex and Eddie Bauer versions were a bit of an eye sore for me. I want it all…beauty and function. Maxi-Cosi is considered the Graco of Europe. It’s been 4-5 star rated for safety and durability on web reviews . The Priori costs $200, but right now Pacifier is selling them for $169 with free shipping. This upgrade is worth the buy because of the high resale value. I wonder why US companies can’t make things this pretty?

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Kay said...

So now that you've had a couple of weeks to try out your new Maxi Cosi, what do you and Kai think? I have to agree about the cool factor, but am worried that it only holds up to 40 lbs versus the Britax which holds up to 65 lbs. Will you just buy to booster after Kai grows out of the convertible? Thanks for your insight and recommendation.