Asian Moms…Afraid of the Weather?

My friend Sharline and I were chuckling over the phone when talking about our mothers. Asian moms always have something to say about the hazards of weather. Growing up, my mom always yelled out to me:

“Don’t go out in the sun. your skin will get dark.”
“Don’t go out in the cold, you’ll catch wind.”
“Don’t go out in the rain, you’ll get sick.”

Now that I have a baby, my mother’s voice is in my head chanting these mantras. When I see another child out on a rainy day wearing a t-shirt, I’m flabbergasted! I step back and realize how much I’ve been influenced by mom.

Is it ever safe to go outside and enjoy the weather? According to these Asian mom myths, it doesn’t seem to be safe to go outside at all without a big visor, umbrella, and wool coat.

Hmmm, what about the benefits of fresh air, vitamin D, and exercise? Outside time is always good in my book. Maybe Kai and I should wear matching visors just to be safe!


Sharline said...
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Sharline said...

Oh my god, I just saw an Asian woman wearing that exact visor yesterday and I was like, What the hell is that? I mean the visor was so huge it covered her entire face, which I guess is the whole point, but man, unattractive.

Yeah, I'm all for fresh air.

I love your blog. I can't wait to use your advice some day. Hugs, Shar