Letter to BART: Sketchy Elevators


I'm a mother of a young baby who took BART this past Saturday (5/16) from Lake Merritt to Civic Center Bart. It was my first time taking a stroller and having to use the elevators. I'm wondering what is being done about the safety of the elevators at Civic Center. Specifically, the elevator going from the ticket area to the BART platform. It was a pretty sketchy experience for us.

On my return around 3:30 in the afternoon, I saw a man who was obviously a drug addict waiting by the elevator. He was extremely impatient and pressed the button multiple times. My instinct told me to stay behind and wait until he entered the elevator and wait for the next one. When I watched him enter the elevator, he shot up. I could see him strap the band on his arm etc. Very scary. I was surprised that no one watches out for that. I waited several minutes before entering the elevator. But even when I got in, I was nervous that some other drug addict would get on at the next level etc.

I think the elevators are hidden away from public view and seem vulnerable to a bad confrontation. Especially for women with children and elderly people. What ways is BART going to improve this?

Considering SF is a high class city, it seems inappropriate that elevators are filthy and a place where drugs are used. Where is the public safety strategy? You have to wonder why parents would prefer to drive then to encounter such a sketchy experience.

I'm interested in hearing about what ways you will improve this.



Let's see how quick BART responds. I sent this via email this morning. Feel free to share your own experience.

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