Monday Thoughts

Hello. Still smiling about my son's first birthday celebration. It was great fun. Photos to come later this week.

One of the best experiences this past year is seeing Kai's relationship with my parents. Both my mother and father have really come through for him. That's all that matters now. Though there were some rough times with my parents when I was a child, they are becoming stellar grandparents. Life is funny like that. Time and grandchildren can really change people.


Anonymous said...

Pediatric Emergency Medicine is a relatively newer subspecialty of pediatrics, it's all about kid-friendly ER's and child-centered medical care. The East Coast is full of pediatric ER's. Pediatric ER's haven't taken hold as much on the West Coast (yet), but Children's Oakland has one, and supposedly CPMC has one as well (though I must admit to some skepticism about the CPMC unit...)

The new UCSF Children's Hospital will, I expect, have a pediatric ER as well, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to get built and open its doors any time soon!


Ly said...

what a lame letter from BART, they make it sound like its your fault for not calling and reporting immediately...